The Role of an ALT

The term “ALT” stands for “Assistant Language Teacher”.

The role of an ALT is first and foremost to communicate with the students.

You will be dispatched to public elementary and junior high schools in different areas of the southern island of Japan, Kyushu. At school, you will work in tandem with the Japanese teachers to help them teach English.

You will also be the face of the international world. Cultural understanding is also part of your role, which means you will actively try to positively promote international relationships between Japanese and other countries. Your attitude will play a major role in their perception of foreigners as a whole.

Flexibility is key for an ALT. They are expected to be role models, and thus to abide by the Japanese laws and customs, as well as school specific rules and ways of doing things. An ALT must be energetic, positive, fun, enthusiastic, open-minded, approachable, always ready to tackle a challenge, devoted, knowledgeable, punctual, and passionate about teaching.

Please keep in mind that you will not be a member of the school’s staff. You will be a KBS employee, and must follow the rules and regulations of the company. That being said, you should always do your best to be as helpful as possible and cooperate with your school and your fellow teachers.

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