Mystical spot: Hiraodai

Hiraodai, a designated natural monument in Japan, is one of Japan’s most famous karst plateaus. The mystical scenes of limestone that look like flocks of sheep, conical dolines, and limestone caves are not to be missed.

Rippling landscape: Sone Tidal Flats

A short story of the natural landscape of the Sone Tidal Flats as told through the camera lens of a young woman, the scenes showcase the charm of the tidal flats, including the movement of the waves as they shift from high to low tide and Saunder’s gull, an endangered species.

Jam-packed: Kitakyushu’s delectable cuisine

You will be tempted by all the tasty foods jam-packed into every corner of Kitakyushu.

Dramatic Art: Kanmon Strait & Mojiko

Enjoy this fully-loaded dramatic scene from dawn until dusk featuring the Kanmon Strait that offers safe passage to 700 ships a day and the Mojiko Retro area, where buildings from the late 1800s to the early 1900s still stand.

Ruby-red Suspension Bridge: A one-day drive around Wakamatsu

The bright-red suspension bridge, Wakato Bridge, spans across Dokai Bay and connects the Tobata and Wakamatsu wards in Kitakyushu. Take a drive and see the charming and naturally beautiful areas of Wakamatsu from here.

Twinkling Kitakyushu: Love of factories & Mt. Sarakura, one of Japan’s three new major night views

The cluster of factories spreading along the coast of Dokai Bay and the view from Mt. Sarakura cast a romantic scene both day and night. The view draped in the light from the factories at night will guide you to a magical world. The shooting stars seen from Mt. Sarakura are a must-see.

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