Other Businesses

Various Seminars

We provide a wide array of seminars such as employment supporting seminars for women, human resources development seminars, job supporting seminars, and many more. Also, we can offer good-manners seminars for elementary and junior high school students.

Employees Education

We can provide lectures on business manners from the basics, such as the proper choice of words, etiquette, and suitable behavior. We have a graded curriculum for various levels of business skills. We can also provide advice for a dress code which can deliver a great impression.

Data Processing

We can make detailed minutes of various conferences and seminars. The products will be handed to the customers in both paper and digital forms.

Event Planning

We can provide planning services for general events, conferences, meetings, seminars, and parties. We also provide rental services of various equipment.

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Open from Monday to Friday 9:00~18:00 Japan Standard Time
Closed during the weekends and Japanese National Holidays