Dispatching Business

Our company accepts job applications at any time, and select applicants according to the highest standards. We always dispatch staff with practical abilities based on professional knowledge and experience, and our service is highly evaluated by our customers.
We can provide various services: (1) “Dispatching system” which can provide on-spot business support; (2) “Subcontracting system” with which our company undertake a business requiring professional skills; (3) “Charged job-placement service” to support your company, and; (4) “Career education seminar” to promote your company’s human resources development.

If you need people with specific skills for a short time…

Dispatching Service

Our company chooses people who can meet your company's requirements from among our employees (temporary staff or registered staff) and dispatch them to your company.

If you want us to undertake a business as a whole which requires professional skills...

Subcontracting Service

Our company will be commissioned and undertake the business as a whole, effectively, and with low costs based on our previous experience.

If you want suitable employees for your company…

Charged Job-placement Service

Have you ever thought: "It is difficult to find suitable applicants", "Recruitment and employment is too expensive and time-consuming", etc.? Our company can solve such problems.
If your company is considering direct employment, we recommend to give our temporary staff a try first, and evaluate their abilities and aptitudes. You may be very pleasantly surprised.

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