Banquet Business

We’ve been raised and loved by the local companies for over 35 years. We serve our customers with a feeling of gratitude.

From the moment you arrive to the moment we see you off, we offer our services in various aspects of the occasion to satisfy the guests and the sponsors. “Heartfelt communication” is our slogan. Please feel free to consult us.

Banquet Business (Permit No. 8産第1168号)

Party Receptions

Especially in our hometown Fukuoka, our staff can offer very attentive service, while giving grace to the party, as they know the customers’ names, positions, and preferences quite well. We have many kinds of costumes ready, to be chosen according to the image, contents, and atmosphere of the party. Also, we can send receptionists who can accommodate foreign guests who speak English, Chinese or Korean.

Wedding Receptions

Our receptants will serve the guests for wedding receptions. Neatly dressed with suits, our staff will accommodate the guests without disturbing the happy atmosphere of the party, in the same mind with the hosting families. Also, we can provide escort services to the bride and the groom.

Event Receptions

Our receptionists can provide such services as explanation of products, reception of guests, or conducting a questionnaire-survey at the venues of various events. They will offer their best services, with full awareness of being the representatives of the company. This is indispensably important for sales-promotion. We will back up your business in any events and exhibitions.

Receptionist Service

We can provide receptionist and cloakroom services at parties and events. Long-term contract is also available.

MC Service

Our staff can support successful events as MCs for parties, ceremonies, and seminars. We can also send MCs for wedding ceremonies and receptions.

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